Staff and Ministers

Rev.  (Dr.) Ani Ikene



“The Rev (Dr.) Ani Ikene has answered the call of God to feed, build and motivate the body of Christ with the “strong meat” of the Word of God. He is an anointed teacher of the Word of God and has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars. Over the years, he has witnessed a great flow of God’s anointing in his ministry in healing and deliverance, prayer and spiritual warfare, teaching on faith, just to mention a few.  He is no stranger to living by faith. Pastor Ani the author of Faith is A Choice. He is a man of prayer. Dr. Ani believes that prayer ought to be the lifestyle of all Christians, not just a selected few. With apostolic calling upon his life, he has a strong passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled, and to expand the Kingdom of God by planting churches globally. Dr. Ani was consecrated as an apostle on August 7, 2004. He is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Harvest International Church and network of churches.  Above all Pastor Ani Ikene is a humble servant of the God with great anointing and passion for prophetic prayers, healing and faith.  Rev (Dr.) Ani Ikene is married to Shola Ikene, MBA they both have four grown children.


Rev. (Mrs.) Sola  Ikene  Daughters of Manasseh and Women's Ministry

Rev. Harry Muyenza - Minister of Music

Bro. Samuel E. Asuquo - Pastoral Assistant

Bro. Joe Alvarado - Pastoral Assistant

Minister Buff Nemeth-Udl – Prophetic Minister

Pam Hershberger  - Secretary

Accounting - Estella Gholar 

Paul Gholar - Maintenance Leader